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Touge Battle Rules / Track Schedule

  • There are no limitations on Vehicles upgrades or tire compound.

  • Drives will be assigned to the appropriate class based on lap times during the Time Trails. There will be 3 Groups. A, B and C.

  • In Touge Battle Drivers compete against each other from point  A to B. Drivers are released by a marshal from the starting point.

  • Runs will consist of 2 heats / 3 laps each. Lead and follow cars will swap at the 2nd heat so drivers get both lead and follow positions.​

  • Winner will be determined by distance gained or lost between both vehicles from both heats.

  • There is NO OVERTAKING ALLOWED in TOUGE BATTLE! Overtaking will result in disqualification!​

  • Championship Round will consist of 10 drivers with the highest points.

  • Passengers are allowed during Open track / Test & Tune but NOT allowed during battle stages!​



Points are awarded to podium finishers of 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest times. At the end of the season point will be tabulated to get the overall championship per class. The point system is as follows:

  • 30pts= 1st Place

  • 20pts = 2nd Place

  • 10pts = 3rd Place

Vehicle  / Drive Groups

Vehicles / Drivers will be assigned to the appropriate class based on their time attack lap time to keep the competition fun and fair.

Group A

  • 33.500sec and faster

Group B

  • 33.500sec - 36.500sec

Group C

  • 36.500sec - 39.500sec

Schedule & Track Rules

  • 8:30am Registration

  • 9:00am Open practice & Test/Tune

  • 11:00am Time Attack / Time Trials

  • 1:00pm Drivers Briefing

  • 1:15pm Touge Battle Runs

  • 5:00pm Trophy & Podium Announcements

Car Tech & Safety:

Vehicle interior / trunk will be completely empty of personal belongings & loose items prior to entering track.

  • Top off all fluids

  • Top off tire pressure

  • Battery securely tied down

  • Suspension & steering must be tight and exhibit no play

  • No fluids leaking

Personal Safety:

  • Must wear pants

  • Must wear shoes

  • Helmet are ONLY required during Touge Battle session & Timed Attacks - No Helmet required during pratice & Test / tune runs. We will have 9 loaners you can borrow at time of run if you dont have one ( XL, L and M sizes )

Track Rules:

  • No Alcohol & Drugs

  • Dogs allowed -leashed

  • No Gas Grills

  • No Burnouts / revving

  • No loud music / speaker boxes ©2021

‪(860) 245-9791‬

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